Best E-Commerce website development companies in India in 2022

Finding a good E-Commerce website development company in India is too hard, but considering all these factors can help you significantly.

What is E-Commerce website development?


E-Commerce websites are the websites that help to collect online payments or transactions in exchange for goods and services offered by the provider, with the use of the internet and payment gateway. An E-commerce website generally has all the details and specifications of every product and service. It might include multiple categories like Amazon and Flipkart. You can usually add numerous products or services to the cart and purchase them together. Some goods-based e-commerce stores may offer cash on delivery (COD).

In earlier days, duplicate transactional confirmations happened over the call or e-mail.

The advantage of an E-commerce website is transparency, review-based purchase & ease of doing business.


How long does it take to develop an E-commerce website?

It depends on the size of the site that needs to be built.
1. Small-sized E-Commerce websites
2. Medium-sized E-Commerce websites
3. Large-sized E-Commerce websites

Small-sized E-Commerce websites

Generally, small-sized E-commerce websites have 5-6 pages built using content management systems (CMS) with a standard template without much customization. It can be a highly cost-effective and time-effective method for small businesses.
Website content generation time: 2 weeks
Website design time: 2 weeks
Website build time: 2 weeks

Medium-sized E-Commerce websites

Medium-sized E-commerce websites have 8-12 pages generally built using content management systems (CMS) with a standard template or a developer for a customizable website. These can be customized as per the need and requirements of a business and can be scaled accordingly. The cost the moderately high, and it’s effective for established businesses.
Website content generation time: 3 weeks

Website design time: 3 weeks
Website build time: 3 weeks

Large-sized E-Commerce websites

Large-sized E-commerce websites have more than 25+ pages built using content management systems (CMS) with a standard template or using a developer for a customizable website. These are generally wholly customized as per the need and requirements of a well-established business and can be scaled rapidly. The cost of the website is high, and it has a very effective management system for high established businesses.
Website content generation time: 4 weeks
Website design time: 4 weeks
Website build time: 4 weeks


E-commerce website development cost in India


The first question that comes to your mind as a business owner is How much does an e-commerce website cost? Or how much does it cost to run an online store?

Generally, E-commerce website development costs will not have fixed prices as web development varies from business to business according to the requirement and need. So, it’s crucial to do primary research before deciding what is required for your business. The easiest way is to do competitor research.

Step 1: Search in Google for similar businesses like yours and have a basic look on their website for the basic requirements that you need. 80% of your condition can be easily defined by seeing your competitor’s website

Step 2: Again, do a Google search for the term “E-commerce website development cost India.”  On the E-Commerce web developer’s website, you will land up for what kind of packages each developer offers at a particular price range. Reach out to selected ones with reference websites (competitor’s website) and ask for a quote from multiple developers and ask them to send their works to check the quality.

Step 3: Pool the quotes and compare them to what they offer in terms of deliverables, quality, the time required, and price.

Step 4: Reach out to a couple of selected developers to discuss how they can add value, negotiate and close the deal.

Apart from web development costs, multiple costs must be considered, which might vary in the way the website is built.

Generally, there are two ways that a website can be built:
1. Template-based online store builder (i.e., Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.)
2. Customizable website by the developer.
Various factors contribute to the overall cost of the template-based website development (i.e., Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.)

Hosting Cost

E-Commerce or online store builder platforms like Shopify and Wix generally do not have separate hosting or setup costs. All the prices are included in monthly plans. However, some E-Commerce platforms like Woo Commerce comes with hosting cost ranging between 1000-6000 per month.

If you are going with a customized website using a developer, you have to pay additional for the hosting service providers like WPX, A2 Hosting, and Site Ground every year.

Design Cost

As your website represents your brand, building a professional and customer-centric design will help you stay ahead of the competition. Most of the online store builder platforms offer ready-made themes. You can easily use drag and drop tools to build your website.

The customized website generally has advanced design, lets you try new methods & help you to turn your ideas into reality according to your wish. New features and functions can be developed. Scaling can be a tedious job when it comes to scaling.

If you are not tech-savvy, you can get your website done using a ready-made theme by paying a small amount to a website designer. But for custom designs, developers generally charge 12000 – 15000 to set up your website, and the custom design price might start from 25000 for good designs.


Setting up an online store is almost equal to setting up a new business or an offline store. Narrowing the requirement to the basic need and functions will keep your monthly expenses low in E-commerce store platforms and custom design. As a business owner, you need to understand your limitation in time.

Third-party integrations

When it comes to third-party integrations, secure online payment has the topmost priority to accept the payments quickly and safely, and sending e-mail notification of the confirmation would play a vital role in business.

And third party integration generally increases the cost as you have to pay additionally.

You can do a wide variety of third-party integration based on the need.

Now you have a basic idea of the different costs that can be included apart from web development.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Cost

Search engine optimization is crucial for you to appear in front of your customer if you are running an online business. Suppose you don’t know anything about SEO, read how to find the best SEO expert in India. If you are also concentrating on local business and how to increase your local business revenue, read about local SEO Services.

How do I manage an E-commerce website?

If you are not tech-savvy, you can hire a person who can manage everything or outsource the agency or company that can do complete work. Generally, an in-house team can be economical regarding how much you pay them every month, but the decision has to be result-oriented.

Which technology is best for E-Commerce web development?

Let’s not deep dive into everything technologies, but as a business owner, knowing the technologies used can put you in a technically stronger position than the person who does not know anything about it if you are getting your customized website done by the developer. Generally, there are two main categories in any web development ecosystem.

Front End (User Facing)

It’s a part of a website that is visible to your customer or audience. In simple words, everything that visible when someone visits any website. Generally, frontend end development is done by three technologies that are always used alongside each other are:
● HTML (HyperText Markup Language)
● CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
● Java Script (JS libraries used for front end development are React, Vue, Angular, jQuery)

Back End (Server Facing)

It’s a part of a website that is generally not visible to any customer or audience, but it takes care of the website’s complete functionality. It includes different tools and frameworks to perform functions.

The main functions that we need in the backend are:
● Operating systems
● Web Server
● DataBases
● Storage
● Programming language

Let’s review the primary back end technologies in detail:

Operating systems

There are only four significant options for the very first decision that needs to be made and to make it easy.

They are
● Google’s Android
● Microsoft Windows
● Apple Mac OS
● Linux OS

Web Server

There are two significant webservers: open source and free, Apache and Ngnix. Apache is older than Ngnix.


Databases are an important part of the backend. It allows you to maintain and process a lot of data points. The most popular databases are:
● MongoDB
● DynamoDB by Amazon
● Firebase database by Google
● PostgreSQL


The most popular storage solutions are:
● AWS S3 Amazon Simple Storage Solution
● Firebase Storage by Google

Programming language

The most popular programming languages used in a website technology stack with respective frameworks are listed below:
● Ruby [Ruby on Rails]
● Java [Spring]
● Python [Django, Pylons, Flask]
● Scala [Play]
● PHP [Laravel]

Best E-commerce Website Development Company in India


Whenever you search for the most experienced and famous “E-commerce website Development Company India”,  you will often see some names repetitively. All these companies charge reasonably well for the quality and time they deliver.
Flexin: It’s a global E-commerce web development company in India. They offer advanced E-commerce web development from large companies to small businesses. They are a highly skillful and technical team that provides robust and scalable solutions.

Softprodigy: They have a team of certified E-Commerce developers that helps their clients to brand online with an excellent user experience.

Nectarbits: One of the best teams of dedicated E-commerce developers known for their creative and attractive solutions according to business needs. They are well known for creating excellent and easy-to-use websites.

Tvisha Technologies: They specialize in creating a user-friendly E-Commerce website, providing better customer service to increase their business efficiencies & return on investment.

Maticulosity: They have a professional team that works for small, medium, and large companies and online retailers. They mainly help in increasing the business conversation rates.

Evincedev: They have been in business since 2009, serving a wide variety of clients by providing highly scalable solutions along with cutting-edge technologies. They provide one of the finest solutions to large companies and small companies.

Synapseindia: They provide E-Commerce solutions for multiple platforms like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magneto, and many more. They develop and deliver end-to-end E-Commerce solutions.

Seawind Solutions: They align their answers to the business goal of their clients. They specialize in providing user-friendly and secure websites for your business. They widen your potential customer base.

Indglobal: Being one of the top E-commerce web developers, they have experience working on multiple projects providing comprehensive solutions. They offer innovative solutions to ensure a great user experience in the front end and ease of uploading the products in the backend to the client.



E-Commerce is a huge industry. It seems like an ocean to someone new to this.

It’s not essential to know everything or it’s not necessary to become tech-savvy to run an online business. Knowing crucial Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that matter to online business is enough. Steady growth in widening the knowledge and skill can boost tremendously.

Doing basic research on everything you want to in an online business can put you in a better position.

Start small initially, optimize everything, and scale accordingly in later stages.

Keerthi. P


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